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Military Flags

  • Nylon Outdoor Flags
    Expertly crafted using heavyweight bunting material of 100% nylon. All seams are double-stitched and fly ends have 4 rows of stitching for added durability. All flags are finished with heavy-duty, no shrink white header material for the strongest in the industry. These nylon flags offer lustrous beauty, superior wear plus excellent flyablity even in the slightest breeze.
  • Endura-Poly™ Outdoor Flags
    These lightweight polyester flags are the most popular choice for the budget-minded customer. They fly in the slightest breeze and offer superb color retention. Fly ends are double-stitched with polyester thread for added reinforcement. All flags are finished with snow-white header and brass grommets.  
  • Endura-Poly™ Mounted Flags
    Brilliantly printed colors make these flags an exceptional value. Carefully hem-stitched on all four sides for longer lasting beauty. Generally, these flags are supplied on a ¼" x 24" natural wood staff with gold spear. However, they may also be supplied on ¼" x 24 natural wood staff with gold ball or a ¼" x 24" black plastic staff with black ball; inquire at time of order as to current stock.
  • Endura-Gloss™ Mounted Flags with Gold Spears
    Beautifully printed on luxurious silk-like material, these flags offer the highest quality in a mounted flag. All sizes are carefully hem-stitched on all four sides for longer lasting beauty. 4" x 4" and 4" x 6" sizes are supplied on 3/16" x 10" black plastic staff while the 8" x 12" flags are supplied on a ¼" x 18" black wood staff.

Armed Forces Flags POW-MIA Flags Military Retirement Flags
Armed Forces Flags Flags from the 5 branches of the U.S. military. Air Force, Army, Coast Gaurd, Marine Corps and Navy flags. Many sizes and materials available. Indoor military sets are available here as well. All made in the USA. POW-MIA FlagsThe P.O.W. flag is one of the most popular military flags in the United States. This flag is displayed to honor U.S. soldiers captured during battle. Available as a single-reverse flag and a double sided flag and in sizes 4x6" through 6x10 foot. Retired Service FlagsRetired military service flags from all 5 branches of the U.S. military plus the "Merchant Marine" flag.
Officers Flags Misc Military Flags  
Military Officer's Flags Officer's flags for the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy in SolarMax™ outdoor full size versions or in Endura Gloss™ miniature desk sizes. Misc. Military FlagsAssorted flags from varius battalions and divisions of the U.S. military. This includes veteran's flags from The Korean war, World War II and the Vietnam war as well as "Blue Star Service" banners.